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Building Styles and Floor Plans:

We offer students three types of living environments...
Traditional style Offers students the ability to live in a communal setting. All bedrooms are off of a hallway with shared bathrooms and kitchenettes on each floor.

The bedrooms within the building accommodate one (single), two (double), or three (triple) students and are furnished with a bed, desk, open closet, and two stackable

2 drawer dressers for each student. There are 2 lounges, a seminar room, laundry facilities, and a fitness area in our traditional housing.

Traditional style floor plans (actual bedrooms vary throughout building):

Please note: Double and triple bedrooms have lofted or bunked beds.


Suite style Offers students an apartment style setting. Common areas shared by all suitemates are a full kitchen, living room, and two bathrooms.
The bedrooms within the suite accommodate one (single), two (double), or three (triple) students housing a total of 5-6 students in each suite.
Bedrooms are furnished with a bed, desk, and wardrobe closet for each student. Lounge and laundry facilities are on the first floor.

Suite style floor plans (actual suite floor plan and occupancy vary throughout building):

Please note: Double and triple bedrooms have lofted or bunked beds.


Pod style Offers students the openness and community feel of traditional housing while maintaining the intimacy of suite style living.

Each pod has a common study area and two bathrooms. The bedrooms within the pod accommodate one (single), two (double), or

three (triple) students housing a total of 6-8 students in each pod. Bedrooms are furnished with a bed, desk, and wardrobe closet

or two stackable 2 drawer dressers with open closet for each student. Common study areas located on the 2nd and 3rd floors, a lounge,

laundry facilities, and kitchen are located on the first floor.

Pod style floor plans (actual pod floor plans and occupancy vary throughout building):

Please note: Double and triple bedrooms have lofted or bunked beds.


All housing styles offer students the option of single, double or triple occupancy bedrooms.

Housing Rates (for academic year 2016-2017):

ROOM FEES: ACADEMIC YEAR (housing license is for an academic year)SEMESTER (student is billed each semester)

Meal Plans:

Onondaga Community College offers a meal plan for all of the students living on campus at OCC. This is a defined meal plan which allows students to eat a certain number of meals per week. All students living on campus must have a meal plan. The 12-meal plan (12 meals per week) is the default plan. You may change your meal plan from the 12-meal plan to one of the other meal plan options (14 or 16 meals per week) when filling out the housing application.

Meals generally consist of one entree, two sides, and one beverage. To make it easier to tell what is available, all menu items have been coded by shapes depicted on signage:

One Entree= Red Star
Two Sides= Blue Circle
One Beverage= Green Square

If you take one red item, two blue items, and one green item per meal that is a meal. Students are permitted to eat one meal during a meal period. They are permitted to eat as many meals weekly as it is designated on their purchased plan.

To make the plan more flexible, $150 "Flex Dollars" are also included into all meal plans. Flex money can be used just like cash for any item sold in the Gordon Cafe, Mawhinney Cafe, Starbucks, or Fresh Express, just like regular money.

Meal Plan Rates:

12-meal plan is $1215 per semester and includes $150 flex dollars (12MEALS) weekdays and weekends (Mon-Sun)
14-meal plan is $1315 per semester and includes $150 flex dollars (14MEALS) weekdays and weekends (Mon-Sun)
16-meal plan is $1415 per semester and includes $150 flex dollars (16MEALS) weekdays and weekends (Mon-Sun)

For more information about meal plans visit: sunyocc.edu-meal plan info


When can I apply for housing? Our housing application/license agreement becomes available in February each year prior to the academic year for which you would like to apply.

Do I have to wait until I've been accepted to the college before I can apply for housing? There are no pre-requisites to apply for housing. However, there are requirements you must complete to be eligible to receive a room assignment. Residence Life will follow up with you regarding the requirements after you apply.

Do you have space available? We definitely anticipate room vacancies each semester. Your best opportunity to receive a room assignment is to complete the eligibility requirements by the deadline provided.

When will I know if I have received an assignment? Room assignments made for the academic year typically start in June. Room assignments made for new residents in the spring typically start in early December. As soon as we assign you to a space, we send you an email notification.

Are freshmen required to live on campus? Because Onondaga is primarily a commuter college, and we have limited housing, living on campus is not a requirement for any student.

Is housing assigned first come first serve? New residents are assigned using a computer program which assigns students based on a number of preferences. Preferences are questions asked in the housing application. Assignments are not necessarily made in order of application submit date. However, it is in the student's best interest to apply and get their requirements met early.

Is housing guaranteed when I submit my application and deposit? Our residence halls accommodate a little over 850 students; therefore we cannot guarantee housing to all applicants. In addition, there are requirements an applicant must meet in order to be eligible for a room.

Can I chose who I live with? After you submit your housing application, you will have the opportunity to enter roommate requests in your housing account. Please note, while we do our best to accommodate these requests, they are not guaranteed.

Do I have to have a car on campus? No, you can use the LazerLine Shuttle bus service that is on a continuous loop around all campus buildings.

Requirements to be eligible for a housing assignment:

  • Submit the housing application
  • Submit a $300 deposit
  • Submit our health insurance verification form AND a copy of your health insurance card (form can be downloaded from the Housing menu to the left)
  • Provide verification of submitted FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • Be a full-time matriculated student with a minimum of 12 credit hours
  • If you are under 18 yrs of age TODAY at the time you submit your housing application you must also complete the under 18 signature form

Residence Life recommends these requirements are completed by June 1st as room assignments will begin after that date.

To read through the housing license agreement prior to applying, click this link: "Housing License Agreement 2016-2017" for a PDF of the license.

Are you interested in residing in a "Living Learning Community?"


An LLC is an opportunity for students who share common educational, social, or extracurricular interests the chance to live on the same floor together. Additional staff is available in the LLCs to provide academic and social support.


Research has shown that there are many reasons why students should Living Learning Communities! Students who participate in LLCs:

Immediately connect with other students who share a common interest.Experience a positive and smooth transition into college!Tend to become more involved on campus and have higher GPAs.Are afforded opportunities for personal growth.Are provided great leadership and resume building opportunities. Attend special events and programming opportunities that link to the community theme.


Academic Living Learning Communities:

The Academic LLCs provide extra academic support services for students living in the residence halls. Programs are designed around the specific majors or content areas of the LLC. Students become heavily connected with faculty/staff and have opportunities to explore careers paths and build their resume through on/off campus activities.

  • Business Careers: This LLC brings students together who are majoring in Business. This community strives to assist students in their course completion, awareness of business careers, and networking skills through social and educational programming. Students in this community will be advised to take 2 courses required for Business majors.
  • Career Exploration: This LLC brings student together who are enrolled in General Studies. This community provides the opportunity for students to connect with others who are discovering their academic and career aspirations. The community offers academic and co-curricular activities that allow students to discover the path that is best for them.
  • Criminal Justice: This LLC brings students together who are majoring in Criminal Justice. This community strives to assist students develop their skills by providing opportunities to interact with professionals in the fields of Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement. Students in this community will be advised to take a Criminal Justice course together.
  • Honors: This LLC brings students together who are members of the Honors Program at OCC. Being a part of this community is a great way to live with peers who have similar academic drive and ambition.
  • Musical Arts: This LLC brings students together who are Music majors. This community provides the opportunity for community members to pursue their musical interest beyond the classroom. Students engage in programs, concerts, and performances both on and off campus.
  • Pre-Health Careers: This LLC brings students together who are interested in pursuing careers in health, medicine, and nursing. The community helps students explore these professions through social and educational programming and connections to campus and community resources. Students in this community must be registered for Intro to Biology.
  • The Studio: This LLC brings students together who are studying art, photography, architecture, and interior design. This community provides an environment that encourages students to generate and pursue creative and new ideas.

Themed Living Learning Communities:

The Themed LLCs provide students with opportunities and programs that are connected to a particular topical area. Students participating in a Themed LLCs explore their passions while living with others who share similar interests.

  • Leadership & Service: This LLC brings students together who are committed to developing their leadership potential. This active community connects students to the campus community in the academic career. Programs and community service opportunities assist students in getting involved on campus and in the community.
  • Social Justice: This LLC brings students together who interested in engaging in meaningful and open discussion on societal issues. Students in this community participate in meaningful dialogues surrounding race, gender, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, class, religion, ability, and other identities.
  • Quiet Lifestyle: This LLC brings students together who are interested in living with like-minded individuals who prefer a quieter housing setting. Participants live in a community that promotes an environment of quiet living and no excessive noise 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Wellness & Healthy Living: This LLC brings students together provides the opportunity for students of all interests to live in an environment that focuses on a goal of having a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. Programs and activities will allow students to make informed choices about their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual wellness. Students living in this community make a commitment to live substance free.
  • The Next Step: This LLC brings returning students together who are committed to preparing for their next step after their academic career at Onondaga Community College. Students in this community will attend programs and evens that focus on transferring and/or career preparation. To be eligible for this community, students must complete a minimum of 30 credits.
  • STEM: This LLC brings students together who are interested in pursuing a degree in the fields of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Students in this LLC will connect with faculty and professionals in STEM fields through programs, lectures, and seminars.

If you have not created a housing account yet, please do so by clicking the "Create one now?" link below.

The office of Residence Life appreciates and values the role of parents and support persons in the education of our students. Please note housing accounts and license/applications should be created and maintained by the student.

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